Commercial Building Inspections

Commercial building (responsible for all the necessary code inspections listed below) is an entirely different animal than residential construction. With the tremendous increase in the number of multi-family dwellings that are being built in large numbers these days, the responsibility of commercial inspectors has increased as well. A solid inspection strategy will keep your building in top condition and prevent you from getting into legal trouble that could haunt you for many years. This article will cover some of the main topics.

Fire safety: It is a known fact that commercial inspectors are required by law to inspect commercial buildings every year to ensure that the property is in good condition. They must also inspect for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). They are also responsible for ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations, including those pertaining to fire exits, building entrances and smoke detectors. Having your property inspected by professional commercial inspectors will help you understand and meet all of your obligations as a property owner or business operator.

Mold inspection: Mold can create a very devastating impact on the structure of your business if you’re not aware of its presence. Mold inspections are one of the more specialized inspections that commercial building inspectors commonly perform. When hiring an inspector, always inquire about their background and experience, and if possible ask for references. You should ensure that the inspector is licensed and insured and that they have the expertise necessary to complete the inspection you require.

Home Inspections: Many commercial buildings have multiple floors. Multi-level residences require home inspectors to inspect. These inspections must be done on a yearly basis as opposed to the more frequent inspections of residential properties that are usually done at the time of purchase. For this reason it’s very important that you work with a qualified and experienced home inspector who has extensive knowledge and experience performing commercial building inspections on multiple levels.

HVAC Inspections: HVAC inspectors are just like home inspectors. They inspect commercial buildings to find potential hazards and problems that could pose a danger to your safety and health. A great HVAC inspector should be able to identify and locate all sources of moisture that could potentially threaten the building’s stability. Commercial inspectors should also be skilled enough to spot leaks where moisture has formed and made its way into the building. This will save you money over the long-term. To get the most from your contract, you must have a good relationship with your HVAC inspector.

Fire Safety: This is a critical aspect of commercial building inspections. A functioning fire system is essential to protect your business from costly losses. When choosing your inspector, look for one who has experience performing fire safety inspections on commercial structures. You want someone who is familiar and knowledgeable about the safety systems in commercial buildings. Ask the inspector to explain the importance of areas that require extra attention.

As you can see, commercial building inspectors cover a wide range of areas. It is important that you choose an experienced inspector who can accurately document and evaluate your property. A good, reputable company can give you a comprehensive report that outlines the specific areas of your need for commercial inspections. When looking for an inspection company, make sure they can give you a detailed written report that covers the function, layout and materials used as well as maintenance of your commercial property.

Bottom line: A commercial building inspector who is well-trained and thorough will help you make informed decisions about your business. These inspections will help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your building is in compliance with local codes. Contact your inspector if you have any questions or concerns regarding your current building. Get a free inspection estimate and start enjoying the safety and security that a qualified inspection can bring to your business. Schedule regular inspections for your commercial properties to save time and money.